21th Seoul Music Award

On January 19, Korea’s top artists were invited to the “21st Seoul Music Awards” held at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. Twelve of the top K-Pop artists were given the “Bonsang” award to recognize their work and popularity over the past year. But the “Daesang” award, given to the top artist of the year, was awarded to none other than Super Junior.

The group’s leader Lee Teuk started to break down as he raised the trophy in excitement. Other members hugged each other in tears as well. Lee Teuk said, “Like any other celebrity, we also wanted to become flowers receiving the spotlight. But now we want to be able to get back up, even if we fall like weeds. Thank you to the world’s best fan club, E.L.F. Also, the four members who couldn’t make it tonight, thank you. We are Super Junior!”

Siwon added, “Thank you so much. A lot of people come to mind but I’d like to thank my two grandmothers who would have loved to see this moment. I’d like to dedicate this to heaven.”

The “21st Seoul Music Awards” was based on all albums released from January to December of last year. The final winners were determined by combining ARS votes (20%), Sports Seoul popularity survey (10%), Digital and album sales (40%), and judging panel points (30%).

Here’s the full list of winners from the “21st Seoul Music Awards”:

Daesang: Super Junior

Bonsang: Super Junior, SNSD, Kara, Secret, SISTAR, BEAST, miss A, IU, Lee Seung Ki, T-ara, FT Island, 4minute

Best Album: IU

Digital Album: T-ara

Best Rookie: B1A4, Boyfriend, A Pink

Best R&B Ballad: 4men

Best Hip Hop: Clover

Best OST: Baek Ji Young

Special Hallyu Award: Kara

Popularity Award: Lee Seung Ki, SNSD

Concert Culture Award: YB Band

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