Super Junior make a history

last night our boys get a DAESANG in Seoul Music Award after they received BONSANG in last part….i was streaming but a connenction really bad and im not clearly to see them. being ELF i’m so proud with them… Super Junior reserve to get an award…. so very happy because that ratio to win is imposible. BB and GB ans Solo singer was get Bonsang had the best achievement.


and…Super Junior won a DAESANG !!!!!

that’s not imposible since they put big effort to be superboy in the aroun world.

aou leader Leeteuk say in his twitter:

@special1004: A genius can never win over the one who works hard.. The one who works hard can never win over the one who knows how to enjoy himself.. The one who knows how to enjoy himself can never win over the one who treats other people seriously.. We are always, now as well, treating every moment seriously and preciously.. So we know how to be thankful and feel happy.. Thank you..!!^^

and Siwon tweeted:

@siwon407: Today so thankfully we received 6 prizes~^^ Thank you again and I love you I really would like to hug each one of you but.. Let’s walk together forever ^^

yes they received 6  award. two from Seoul Music Award nad four from Allkpop


@special1004: Grand Prize!!!^^Thank you!!!!!So happy!!!My members!!Thank you for trusting me and staying together well!!!Let’s be foverer!!!!With ELF!!!Daebak!!BTW I went to a reception and drank a half cup of champagne but my face is red now ^.^How rustic ^.^

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