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[10Asia Interview Part 2] Infinite | My name is…1

My name is Jang DongWoo.

I was born on November 22, 1990. I have two sisters, one who is six years older and one who is three years older. Everyone says that I must have grown up being loved, but in reality I grew up being hit! (SungGyu: He talks like that, but when I occasionally see him talking to his nunas on the phone, they seem to really love him and take care of him.)

My parents told me that they would allow me to sing and dance after I graduated high school, but because of my want to stand on stage faster, I began learning from my first year of high school. My nuna did dance, so I learned that and also danced a lot of R&B, but I think that my audition…I narrowly passed it. Ha ha.

When I first met WooHyun and SungJong, I had a very manly image more than I do now. I grew my hair. (WooHyun: He viewed us competitively because we had come in as trainees before him. Ha ha!) But after we ate together for 30 minutes, we got close. The power of food is indeed impressive.

I gained the nickname ‘Kenya DongWoo’ from Mnet’s <You’re My Oppa>. During my school years, my nickname was ‘WooDong’. And there are some people who ask me if I’m really from Kenya, and…ha. Those are all misunderstandings. I am a native Korean from the Kyeong-gi-do area.

I once ripped my pants on <Infinity Girls> while dancing. I didn’t know at first, but I felt a cool sensation and glanced down to see something white! I hurriedly danced while gripping onto my clothes and afterwards said, “This is a new dance I created”, but that part was edited out and the only thing that aired on broadcast was my dancing.

On <Gag Concert>, Wang Biho teacher once said, “What is Infinite? It’s not an implant!”. And he said, “No one can even laugh because no one knows who you guys are!”, so I thought then, “Ah, we really need to work hard”. After the filming, he gently told us to “Work hard and I hope that you guys do well in the future”, so I was thankful.

The scene where I’m standing in the rain in the ‘Come Back Again’ music video took two hours to film. I was doing live and every time I sang, rain would get into my mouth and my eyes wouldn’t open, so I got scolded. (WooHyun: Ha…Come…Ba…ck…Aga…in… like that.)

In the dorm, WooHyun, L, and SungYeol share a room. SungGyu hyung, SungJong, and Hoya share another room, and I share a room with our manager hyung. Because I like manager hyung. He he.

I once learned how to play an instrument called a patica. You connect two cacao fruits and make sounds with the sand inside the instrument, and it makes noises like tak, tak, chi, chi. (WooHyun: It’s really annoying when you hear it inside the dorm! It keeps going tak, tak, chi, chi-) Ha ha, to use the actual instrument seemed like a waste, so I practiced with a plastic imitation…

Before debut, I decided to keep a daily diary. To be honest, diaries aren’t something you show someone, but one day SungGyu hyung said convincingly, “Since I’m the hyung and the leader, I need to know everything you guys are thinking. That way I can lead this team well”, and I got confused and thought, ‘Could that be true?’, so I really showed him. (SungGyu: I thought that his diary would have a lot of philosophical words because he practices rapping and lyrical writing a lot, but all it says is things like, ‘Today I ate lunch at this time’, ‘Today’s schedule is this’.)

After that, I never showed my diary to anyone else and carry it around in my bag in fear that the members will see it. If I knew this would happen, I should have bought a diary with a lock on it! (L: Hw about a 007 bag?)

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CREDITS : Nate News (SOURCE); ilovepocky@NLi (TRANS)

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