Kim SungGyu. I’m the leader of Infinite

[10Asia Interview Part 2] Infinite | My name is…1

My name is Kim SungGyu. I’m the leader of Infinite.

I was born on April 28, 1989. I’m the only member born in the 80s, so I feel the generation gap from my dongsengs sometimes. A while ago, I was really fascinated when our magnae SungJong said that he didn’t know H.O.T sunbaenims. In our time, there was no way not to know them!

I’m the leader hyung in the team, but at home I’m the magnae. I have a nuna who is five years older than me, and because to her friends I’m a young dongseng, they like to say that we’re really cute when they see us on TV.

I’m JeonBook nobility and used to be in a school band. The band name was ‘Beat’…at first, we used to play hardcore band music similar to Pia, Linkin Park, and Limp Bizkit. We also liked Ellegarden and Muse. I was the vocalist and rapper.

When I was twenty, I had the thought that “I will do rock music”, so I came up to Seoul and was active in HongDae district, but the friends who came with me went back and I was the only one left. I began liking different genres such as African-American music, pop, and dance, and I went into my current company and learned how to dance and felt joy from it.

To be honest, the biggest reason I joined the company was because of Nell sunbaenims. They were my idols ever since I began music, so I even have the albums they released underground before their official ones.

I was really taken aback on the first day filming Mnet’s <You’re My Oppa>. I thought that we were going to do something cool because they said we had our own program, but as seen on broadcast, Jiae suddenly came into our dorm while we were eating and I hurriedly called our manager hyung. That was all real. It started like that, and I think I showed everything from my face without make-up to taking off my clothes at the bathhouse (SungYeol: Your chest was shown too!), to crying.

Because my body was already revealed before debuting, I didn’t have the obsessive thought that I needed to make my body better. We all have accepted that ‘we have average bodies’. Occasionally, I think, ‘Should I exercise?’. Ha ha ha.

We still keep in touch with Jiae, who appeared as our younger sister. She came to support us at our first performance and at our showcase, and called us after seeing our performance to advise, “Work hard. It’ll be hard”. She’s like a nuna. Ha ha.

While filming for the ‘Come Back Again’ music video, there were many things to ride, but I rode the limousine. Everyone seems to think that I took the good thing because I’m the eldest, but it’s not like that. The director said that the atmosphere suited me… (SungYeol: You don’t suit it that well. Ha ha ha~) Eum, I think that he picked the one that he hopes I will suit well in the future.

When I sing, my eyebrows become sad-shaped like the Chinese character for eight (八). After seeing the performance, even my mom said, “Shouldn’t you fix that”, so I’ve been paying it a lot of attention and practicing, but it’s hard to fix because my eyebrows were born like this. (DongWoo: But SungGyu hyung seems to have a more emotional voice when he has a sad expression.) Now, more people like my eyebrows, and I think that soon WooHyun will begin imitating my expression. He might be practicing it in a place I can’t see him.

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