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[10Asia Interview Part 2] Infinite | My name is…3

My name is Lee SungJong.

I was born on September 3, 1993. I am currently a second-year at JeonJu Arts High School majoring in Broadcasting Culture. I have a brother who is three years younger than me.

My hometown is Jeonrado KwangJu. Normally when I speak, I don’t use satoori, but frequently when I talk to my mom, dad, and friends on the phone, it comes out when I get excited. Ahtta, wamma, weomye~ like this.

Living with six hyungs is re-ally stifling. (Everyone: Euhahahahaha!) Ah, I’m kidding. I’m really happy. Really! The hyungs treat me well. (L: Don’t try and make it better. WooHyun: Why are you looking at me?) Since I’m the magnae…ahem, my voice just cracked. Anyway, because I’m the magnae, the hyungs teach me about a lot of things and comfort me well. That’s why I’m happy that I’m the magnae. (WooHyun: What is that, this comment that sounds like it’s from a commercial! SungGyu: SungJong is really magnae-like and cute. He has a lot of aegyo (acts cute). But he’s been hanging out with WooHyun a lot lately and it feels like he’s getting more and more dirty…)

SungGyu hyung, who’s the leader, really takes good care of his dongsengs. He lets us know about the schedule, how to greet people, and what to do when we’re about to leave. I also think it was SungGyu hyung who treated Jiae the best in Mnet’s <You’re My Oppa>. (WooHyun: You mean commanding her and asking her if she knows how to cook? Ha ha ha.)

To describe L hyung in one word, he’s like a pineapple. Pineapples are hard and rough on the outside but really sweet on the inside. I think hyung is exactly like that. (WooHyun: You prepared that comment, didn’t you?) Yes.

A while ago, I said on the radio that I wanted to eat sushi, and for the very next schedule, fans sent sushi and I ate it deliciously. Thank you! (WooHyun: SungJong knows how to use broadcasting.)

I saw a desert fox for the first time while filming the music video for ‘Come Back Again’. I thought it would be really big, but in real life, it was very small and cute, so I wanted to keep it as a pet. But it was an animal very sensitive to sound, so we had to be really careful while filming.

Last year, when the King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away, I was really sad. He was my most favorite artist, and I wanted to resemble him in his cool and unique voice, singing, dancing, and stage manners. My two favorite songs of his are ‘Beat It’ and ‘Ben’.

Recently, I had a sexy dance battle with Jokwon sunbaenim on MBC’s <Quiz to Change the World>. The set-up was that I would stand in front of sunbaenim and do a provocative dance. Afterwards, we danced together, but honestly I did have the mindset that I wanted to win. However, I think that sunbaenim does really well. (WooHyun: When SungJong dances like a man, his waves are a bit off, but when he dances like a girl, there’s a side of him that changes. I saw him practicing really hard, so I tried to slightly imitate him and Hoya saw me and said, “Low-grade!”, so I got that it wasn’t my road and stopped immediately. Heuk Heuk-)

The secret to doing sexy dances well is to be sensual. With the mindset that you’re seducing someone? (SungGyu: Don’t say something like that with your own mouth!)

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CREDITS : Nate News (SOURCE); ilovepocky@NLi (TRANS)

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