Lee SungYeol -Infinite

[10Asia Interview Part 2] Infinite | My name is…3

My name is Lee SungYeol.

I was born on August 27, 1991.

Amongst our members, my height…my height is the tallest. When I measured it in the past, it was 180 cm, but I think I’ve grown a bit since then.

To be honest, instead of ‘Infinite’, we almost debuted as Super Sonic, The Big Dipper, iPop, Blackberry, or Icons. The names that our president had been thinking of until the end was honestly not appealing to us, so we were suffering for a while, so when it was decided as Infinite, we went wow! and were happy.

Originally, I wanted to be an actor and was preparing for it, but by chance, I got an opportunity to sing on stage. I tried it, and it was more charming than I had thought, so I ended up singing alongside acting. One day, I want to attempt to act as a comical but strong character like Yoo HaeJin sunbaenim or Lim ChangJung sunbaenim.

A while ago, I went to the filming of MBC’s <Quiz to Change the World> (WooHyun: Oh, wasn’t it that SungJong went alone?), but I think that only SungJong will appear in the broadcast. After coming back from filming, I keep losing my words. A scene that I hope doesn’t get edited out? Heuk, there is no such thing. But…I heard that a lot of funny things got caught.

While filming for the ‘Come Back Again’ music video, all I did was run all day long. SungGyu hyung rode a limousine, and L rode an expensive segway, but I had to teleport. Ha ha ha.

I said on Mnet’s <You’re My Oppa> that I’ve dated a girlfriend before, but that’s just, eum…hasn’t everyone dated? Generally seen, I think that WooHyun or L would be popular with girls.

I’ve cried at a wedding of a distant cousin I had never seen before. Just looking at the white background of the wedding ceremony was beautiful enough to make tears fall, but my mom said, “Why are you like that”. I could have been mistaken for being at the wedding of a person I liked. My sensitivity is a bit sensitive. (Hoya: Saying such things with your own mouth…)

But if you asked me to blatantly cry, tears don’t come easily. If they asked me to do a crying scene in a music video, I don’t think I could cry. (L: You could just go to a wedding!)

At the dorm, the laundry is done by divided teams. SungGyu hyung, L, SungJong, and Hoya are one team, and me, WooHyun, and DongWoo hyung are the other team. We rotate once every week to do the laundry. The biggest difficulty is that during the summer, the laundry doesn’t dry very well. To be honest, we’re not the cleanest kids, but we do need to live the cleanest we can. Ha ha ha ha. (SungGyu: There is…no clean member. WooHyun: Our manager hyung is probably the cleanest.)

If we could rebuild our dorm like in ‘Love House’, I wish that we could have two, no, four bathrooms. Then what happens to the rooms? Well…we can just make the living room smaller.

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CREDITS : Nate News (SOURCE); ilovepocky@NLi (TRANS)

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