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[10Asia Interview Part 2] Infinite | My name is…1

My name is Nam WooHyun.

I was born on February 8, 1991. I have a hyung who is two years older than me.

My original dream was to become a soccer player. But my body didn’t follow me and I eventually quit. If I had kept on with soccer, wouldn’t I have been able to play in the South African World Cup? I saw that Lee DongKook player, whom I’ve admired since I was young, played in the South African World Cup. I felt like he was playing instead of me, so I was really happy. (Everyone: Euhahaha! Instead of you, what? That’s not it!)

To be honest, my looks weren’t idol-like. Although I had friends who told me that I was, ha ha ha. Anyway, I had the thought that if my face couldn’t make it, then I should work harder at singing, so I came to audition at this company. I liked that there were these musician sunbaenims such as Epik High and Nell here.

I passed the audition confidently with Stevie Wonder’s ‘Lately’. I think the president passed me after seeing my strong confidence and…confidence. Ha ha ha.

My role model is definitely Stevie Wonder. The reason I started music was to learn about his music, and it touches me that despite his old age, he still passionately enjoys music itself. I’m really sad that I won’t be able to go to his performance in Korea this time.

In our dorm, there are two 2-story beds. But SungYeol, L, and me all sleep on the floor, despite the fact that we’re the members who do not look like they belong with the ground. (SungJong: Hyung, you suit it. SungGyu: Yah, are you saying that we look like we belong to the ground then?) Ha ha, this is my personal standard.

My liver is in bad shape, so when I eat oily foods, my stomach suffers, but because I love meat so much, if it’s in front of my eyes I stuff it down. And it all goes down south…I’m sorry.

I seem to be the best cook in Infinite, but because we eat everyday at the restaurant next to our dorm, I never have a chance to cook for them. In Mnet <You’re My Oppa>, I made Jiae an egg dish once, but she said it wasn’t tasty. But she only said that for the fun of the show—in reality, it was tasty! (SungGyu: He made a lot and we ate some too, and it really was tasty.)

My first impression of L was that he had a luxurious appearance and a unique atmosphere, but occasionally, he has the pronunciation with satoori, so he feels more familiar and human-like. It makes me think that even handsome L has flaws…

DongWoo hyung is known amongst our group as the ‘Gum Angel’. We don’t want to see his gums, but when he smiles, it’s really pretty. Ha ha.

Recently, SungJong seems to be going through puberty, because we can’t mess with him easily. Occasionally, we’ll ask him to do something and he’ll slam the door and go inside, so I just think, “Whew, I’ll just do it myself’. (SungJong: Woah, that’s not true! I don’t slam the door. It does that because of the wind-) When I ask him to put towels in the washing machine, he throws it with a tak! (SungJong: No, that’s not it. Towels need to be shaken before being put in. Why are you making me into a weird kid!)

I’ve been brushing up on various imitations. I’m confident at Ha DongKyun sunbaenim and MC Mong sunbaenim’s imitations, but I get asked, “Why do you keep doing the same ones over and over again?”, so I tried something else and it didn’t go over well. Oh, I’ll show you a small bit of Kwon SangWoo sunbaenim. “Yah, you gaenari-!” and Oh KwangRok sunbaenim’s “Ah…I’m annoyed…”, and there’s Kim YoungChul sunbaenim’s “I’m a stone ↘ I write laws-” and lastly, Kim JaeDong sunbaenim, one two three- Ahem! …Ah, you couldn’t hear it?

A while ago, we filmed the music video for ‘She’s Back’ at the beach and wore clothes with a marine look. The member who suited it the most was, of course, me…I thought so, but because I dyed my hair black, fans told me that I look like a president who went golfing. Heuk- I was fresh before!

I’m a ‘bolmae’ (the more you look at him, the more charming he is). You might not know at first, but you have to keep looking constantly. There’s a definite charm here of slight dirtiness and looking old-aged!

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CREDITS : Nate News (SOURCE); ilovepocky@NLi (TRANS)

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