Infinite Crying -Ending Second Invasion



Sunggyu; “Unfortunately, there’s only one song left. Thank you for coming to our concert. I’m still extremely happy and my heart is fluttering (? not sure how to translate that). The reason that we’re able to have this concert after our debut is because all of you guys have loved and supported us… Right? Anyways, thank you. Thank you for cheering for us without getting tired. We’ll show you a better side so until then.. stay healthy. Please look forward to our music. Thank you.”

Dongwoo; “The only reason that we were able to have a Second Invasion is because you guys have raised us. (And then some stuff about being precious children. Not sure what he meant…) I think it’s a really good thing that we can share love while listening to music. *everyone cheering* Yeah, umm… I’m not stupid or anything. *laughing* People say that even animals can tell when they like each other right? Thank you for waiting for us until now. I hope you guys will continue on with us until the day that we can’t stand on stage anymore.”

Myungsoo; *Mumbling* “It’s the piano music that’s making the atmosphere sad, not me. *laughing* I’m so happy to be standing here. *crying* Thank you so much everyone and we’ll become an Infinite that tries even harder.”

Hoya; “Don’t cry, don’t cry! (to Myungsoo) Umm, I… Wanted to become a singer since I was young. *starts crying* At first, no one supported me. But now I have so many people supporting me so I’m so thankful and we’ll become a really good group that becomes famous worldwide. (everyone chanting “DON’T CRY DON’T CRY”).”

Woohyun; “The reason that we could complete this concert was thanks to you guys. We love music but if no one loved our music, we wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s because you guys like our music and like us, that we try harder to advance. I hope we stay together till the end. Even though this is our first concert, if you guys help us to have more concerts, we promise to continue making music forever. We’ll be with you guys forever. Thank you.”

Sungjong; “Uhh, I just wanna say one thing. I love Inspirits, our members, and everyone that helped us. Thank you!”

Sungyeol; “You guys are the ones that helped us here. Thank you for coming with us and trusting us even though we were lacking. Thank you!”

Back to Sunggyu; “I want to thank everyone that came here today. (everyone chanting “CRY CRY!”) I want to thank our choreographer that planned our dances without even sleeping so that we could have our concert and our managers and our dancers. Also, all the staff members that suffer for us. The hair/make up people, the stylists, and the staff that all gathered for our concert today. And our Woollim Ent. CEO Lee Junhyunk (I’m not sure what his name is..). I love you boss!”

Umm yeah that’s pretty much the gist of it. Haha I hope it makes sense.. I was kind of in a rush cause I need to do homework.


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