Second Invasion -INFINITE

Infinite groups in the first solo concert boasted a variety ofattractive and discipline.

The past 11 days, Songpa-gu, Seoul Olympic Park Stadium handball SK’s first solo concert in the Infinite ‘Second Invasion’ was held.

Day, fans of different nationalities gathered at venues Hallyu star was reborn as us realize the popularity of Infinite.

Reservation as soon as it starts to get a ticket to a concert ticket maejindwae foreign fans who”have to hear any sound,” he was wondering around venues around.

At 18:00, the audience heard at the hands of the wave yagwangbong pregnant with colorfulmembers of the Infinite has appeared on stage.

‘Come back’ and ‘Hysterie’ Infinite introduced in succession to the “so many people on his first solo concert, thank you for coming,” said “Have fun until the end of the concert, please,” heurged.

Infinite seats across the aisle to the advantage of standing close communication with their fansdynamic performances and staged. Defence without distraction in the audience had a great response.

It also could not see through the esteemed broadcast ‘Tic Toc’, ‘wings’, and singing songs and a glimpse of the Infinite in the ballad ‘built-Stars’ and serves palsaekjo has charm.

Members of the theater’s opening stage of the individual made ​​more burns. Dynasty andaccording to el piano ‘by your side, I’ did a sweet voice and digest.

Seonggyu the ‘Because’ Shouting through the intense rock sound to match seonboyeotgovocalist, glaze and Hoya a ‘good show’ and ‘Crying’ was transformed through the hip-hopmusician. Starboard side of the ‘Time,’ and the audience’s heartstrings singing rang.

Above all, it caused a big impact and seongyeolui Seongjong ‘Trouble Maker’ was the cover.Hyun seongyeoleun acted as a long red wig and wearing a mini skirt and showed off seksimiappeared. Subject to the performance of two men kissing went on to recreate the original, has endless roar of the fans were screaming mixed.

Part 2 also resulted in performances Infinite liberal path to the stage and connecting with the fans running around, and each of hallyu star to sing and showmanship presented withoutdistraction.

Members ‘White confessed’ car ride called upon to move toward the audience come up to the second floor threw Valentine’s Day gifts.

Infinite finished the song, “Another addition today, Valentine’s Day gift is a gift,” said “can notyet say when the 14 days everyone will know,” he told the questions were amplified.

Following ‘Let me off’ flows along with the music loud cheering fans came out and shoutedslogans. One moment that the artist and the audience was

Last lines of tears in the eyes of members of the Infinite were standing, in the audience, “Do not Cry,” a voice of encouragement erupted.

Members “was a happy and exciting hours. Please let me continue to cheer, “said” are notcheats until keombaekhal, “he warned drew laughter. Also, “We try harder and we’ll show you my progress,” revealed the ambition.

Encore, ‘Julia’ and ‘heart’ end of the day the show ended. The ability you wanted to listen to various genres of music, wit, and wit, humility of mind and care about the fans. South Korea is growing across the world as a star that can determine the truth of the Infinite was the time.
<Jeongjihui reporter>


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